Are cooking videos useful for language learning?

Learning a language can be a challenging but rewarding experience, and using cooking videos as a learning tool has become a popular method in recent years. Cooking videos are an excellent way to learn a language because they provide a practical, engaging, and hands-on approach to language learning.


1. Immersion in the language

Cooking videos offer an immersive experience, as the learner is exposed to the language in a natural context. This helps learners to better understand the language as they are hearing it in a real-life scenario.

2. Visual and auditory stimulation

Cooking videos combine visual and auditory stimulation, making it easier for learners to remember new vocabulary and phrases. Additionally, cooking videos often use clear, simple language, making them accessible to language learners of all levels.

3. Cultural exposure

Cooking videos can also provide learners with exposure to different cultures, which can be an enriching experience. This can help learners to understand the culture and customs of the country where the language is spoken.

4. Hands-on learning

Cooking is a hands-on activity, and by cooking along with the video, learners can practice their language skills in a practical setting. This can help to reinforce the language and make it easier to recall. While you don’t have to actually cook the food to benefit from consuming the content, it can be a very fun activity.


1. Limited language practice

Cooking videos may not provide enough practice for learners to become fluent in the language. While they are a great way for picking up food vocabulary, and the repetition is an asset to some extent, at some point they may get too repetitive and you have to branch out more to other forms of input.

2. You might misunderstand the instructions and mess up your meal

In a way, if you have extra time, this can actually be fun. If you actually follow the recipes, whether your food turns out well or not could be a good test to see how your understanding is.

3. Potential for distraction

Cooking videos can also be distracting, as learners may become more focused on the cooking process than on learning the language.


Learning a language with cooking videos can be an effective and engaging method, but it is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended that learners complement their learning with other language learning resources, such as textbooks, language classes, or language exchange programs, to get the most out of their language learning experience.

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